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This short course explores the key elements of effective relationships and networks, both personally and professionally. It also introduces the benefits of establishing relationships and networks and why they are important for your personal life and career.

Networking isn’t just about turning up to events; it’s about creating relationships and connections with other people. It forms the basis of exchanging thoughts and ideas, creates deals through the meeting of strategic contacts as well as boosting business success more generally. Networking is not something that comes naturally to many people, so you’re not alone in feeling nervous and introverted. The good news is that there is a way to navigate the networking minefield and become a leader in your field.

Leverage different networking tools

What makes the perfect LinkedIn profile? Where else can you meet and connect with like minded individuals online? Learn how to harness online profiles and connections to boost your career and make sure you land an interview for that next role, or are top of mind for a new project or tender in your industry.

Face to face relationship building

We will explore events and networking opportunities in person. Discover how to make the best first impression, when to hand out your card – or if business cards are even relevant in the modern world. Following up on new contacts is something that is very important to get right, this course will give you the skills and confidence to make great impressions and build your contact base.

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